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No Surprise Pricing

No one likes being surprised by an unexpected medical bill. That's why here at Boundless Chiropractic we are upfront with our prices. From day one you know what to expect. In order to provide our guaranteed, competitive prices Boundless Chiropractic is currently not accepting any medical insurances. Payment can be made with cash, check, credit/debit cards, and HSA/FSA cards. Patients may submit receipts to their insurance providers for out-of-network benefits.

Initial Exam

Every new patient must have an initial exam during which the doctor will go through the patient's history, their current complaint(s), and will perform a detailed exam so that a full picture of the patient's health needs is understood prior to treatment. This initial visit also includes treatment.

Price: $149

The Adjustment

Once a patient is established, the hallmark of their care is the chiropractic adjustment. This includes adjustments to all parts of the spine.

Price: $49

Extremity Adjustments

This is any adjustment provided to extremities (ankles, knees, shoulders, etc.).

Price: $30 or $20 when paired with a spinal adjustment

Travel Fee

For mobile visits, a travel fee is added to account for the extra time and fuel costs of the doctor. Visits within our normal range will incur a standard travel fee. Any visit outside of the normal range may require a higher fee depending on distance. 

Price: $30

Two-Person Rates

If two individuals are adjusted during the same visit the first person will cost $49 with the second being discounted to $40.

Group Rates

For groups of three or more, rates will be $35 per person. To qualify for group rates all individuals being adjusted must be present at the same time.

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