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The House Call

Chiropractic On-The-Go

At Boundless Chiropractic we believe that quality chiropractic care should be convenient and accessible. That's why Dr. Morrison is bringing back the house call model of care. With his portable table, Dr. Morrison is able to bring care to your home, office, gym, workplace, building sites, and more.

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How Does It Work?

Mobile visits are able to take place in a variety of settings. The most important thing is that there is ample room to set up and walk around the treatment table. Dr. Morrison will set up his table and provide the same type of treatment experience you would expect to find in a traditional office setting.



Mobile visits must be scheduled by phone or email due to the increased logistics needed by the doctor. Visits can be scheduled for individuals or groups. Group visits mean that 3 or more people will be treated at the same location at the same time. These visits are eligible for reduced rates. Depending on the location, treatment may be provided in a private or open setting. In an open setting others in the area may be able to hear and see the treatment process. For initial visits a private location must be accessible in order to gather patient history.

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